FluxBot's roadmap may change based on the current network effects of the ecosystem to provide maximum value to our users.


  • Enable fast onboarding of non-crypto users.

  • Improve the fiat -> crypto process to increase speed & efficiency.

  • Integrate the best functionality the ecosystem has to offer.

  • Build out more Token22 contracts & DeFi offerings.

  • Leverage Token22 & its extensions for additional utility.

🚢 Upcoming

💸 Quick Pay

  • Send and request tokens without having to open/install another app.

  • Onboard new users through tokenized incentives & referrals.

📊 Full FluxBeam Integration

  • Implement FluxBeam LP fees into FLUXB

  • FluxBot wallet login

🏦 Simple Saving

  • Frictionless onboarding for non-crypto users

  • Access simple saving accounts with good APR

  • Simplified borrow/lend experience

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