Does FluxBot charge any service fee?

FluxBot charges an industry-leading fee of only 0.75% of transaction volume.

What DEXes does FluxBot currently support?

FluxBot is directly integrated with Raydium, Fluxbeam, and Meteora. If the tokens were launched on another DEX, Fluxbot would pick them up right when Jupiter does. Fluxbot offers more access to Solana tokens than any other TG bot, and provides more early access at the same time.

What is wSOL and how does it relate to FluxBot?

On Solana, SOL must be converted to Wrapped SOL (wSOL) for trades. FluxBot automatically handles this conversion and redeems wSOL back to SOL within the same transaction if required. Unused wSOL can be unwrapped using a free tool available in the FluxBot and FluxBeam menus.

What causes timeouts/pending errors on Solana?
  • Insufficient SOL: You might not have enough SOL to cover transaction fees.

  • Network Congestion: High traffic on Solana might delay transactions. Consider increasing priority fees, waiting, or using validator tips.

  • If you see β€˜β€˜pending’’ for more than 30 seconds, consider it a timeout and follow the two steps above.

What does it mean when FluxBot shows an error stating 'No pool found'?

Could be due to unsupported routes, liquidity removal, delayed pool launch, or low liquidity. Check on Solscan with token's CA. If problem persists on supported DEX/Jupiter, open Discord ticket with wallet and token address/CA.

What if I get a proposed bad price during a transaction preview?

Cancel and retry. Prices can vary quickly due to normal Solana volatility. We cannot recover your funds if you accept the confirmation message and execute the trade on a bad price. Bad routes exist and that's why it’s crucial to review your trades before clicking confirm.

Why doesn’t my Fluxbot wallet balance doesn’t match Solscan or any other Solana Explorer?

In such cases, where explorers like Solscan displays a balance different from your Telegram (TG) wallet, it's typically a TG server or local connection issue. Your funds are safe and will sync once TG refreshes your local server, usually within an hour. For urgent trades, import your Fluxbot wallet to Phantom and trade on the Fluxbeam app until resolved.

How do I know how much I bought a token for?

You can search the transaction id, on an explorer like SolanaFM or Solscan and calculate the price. We also offer PNL in Fluxbot, the data is 3rd party data, so its important to check to make sure the PNL is correct before making buying and selling decisions.

My PNL on FluxBot is not matching the token data/price on chain, why does this happen?

Our data for the PNL charts is 3rd party data, and in some cases, those data providers have either stale or out-of-date data. It's always best to check on-chain before deciding to sell, and always read the preview message to make sure you are OK with the price on your trades.

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