🔎Copy Trader

Quick Guide

  1. /menu

  2. Click `📊️ Tokens`

  3. Click `🔎 Copy Trader`

  4. (Optional) Toggle using existing token balances

  5. (Optional) Select the source token to copy with

  6. Enter the max source token amount to use per copy trade

  7. Add/Remove trader addresses

  8. Enable the copy trader


  • Copying Addresses - The addresses that are set to be copied.

  • Buy Settings - Configure how the bot should buy tokens

  • Sell Settings - Configure how the bot should sell tokens

  • Add Addresses - Add a new address to the traders to copy

  • Remove Addresses - Remove an address from the traders to copy

  • Start/Stop Copy Trader - Toggle the status of the copy trader. When enabled, it will automatically copy the trader's actions.

Copy Trader Started

  • Buying - The buy mode

  • Amount - The purchase amount

  • Max Amount (optional) - The max purchase amount

  • Use Custom Source - Use a custom token source instead of SOL.

  • Selling - The sell mode

  • Amount - The sell amount

  • Traders To Copy - Amount of traders being copied

  • Traders - The addresses copy trade

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