🔁Dollar Cost Averaging

Quick Guide

  1. /menu

  2. Click `📊️ Tokens`

  3. Click `🔁 Dollar Cost Average`

  4. Select the source token to use from your owned tokens

  5. Enter the destination token symbol or address to buy

  6. Enter the source token amount to sell to destination tokens

  7. Enter the duration of the order

  8. Enter the frequency of how often the order should purchase tokens

  9. Confirm transaction


  • Active Orders - Manage active DCAs.

  • Tokens - Use - Select the input token from your active balances.

  • Tokens - Buy - Enter the token symbol or address to buy.

  • Allocation Amount - Enter the amount of tokens used to DCA.

  • Duration - Enter the period of time to DCA over.

  • Frequency - Select from preset frequencies to set how often to buy tokens.

  • From - Source token to sell.

  • To - Destination token to buy.

  • Allocation Amount - Source token amount used to DCA.

  • Frequency - How often to buy tokens over the given period.

  • Duration -Duration of time to buy tokens over.

  • Confirm DCA - Confirm the order & execute the transaction.

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