📊Limit Orders

Quick Guide

  1. /menu

  2. Click `📊️ Tokens`

  3. Click `📊️ Limit Orders`

  4. Select the token to sell from your owned tokens

  5. Enter the token symbol or address to buy

  6. Enter the amount tokens to sell

  7. Enter the price to buy tokens at

  8. Enter the expiry time of the order

  9. Confirm transaction


  • Active Orders - Manage active Limit Orders.

  • Tokens - Sell - Select the input token from your active balances.

  • Tokens - Buy - Enter the token symbol or address to buy.

  • Amount To Sell - Enter the amount of tokens to sell.

  • Buy Price - Enter the purchase price of the tokens.

  • Expiry - Select from preset expiry times or enter a custom expiry time for the order.

  • From - Source token to sell.

  • To - Destination token to buy.

  • Amount In - Source token amount to sell.

  • Amount Out - Destination token amount to buy.

  • Order Price - Execution price to buy destination tokens at

  • Expiry - Expiry time of the order.

  • Confirm Limit Order - Confirm the order & execute the transaction.

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