🎯Token Sniper

Quick Guide

  1. /menu

  2. Click `📊️ Tokens`

  3. Click `🎯 Token Sniper`

  4. Toggle auto-purchasing

  5. Toggle the use of the whitelist

  6. Enter the max source token amount to use per snipe

  7. Add/Remove token mint addresses to the whitelist

  8. Enable the token sniper


  • Auto Buy - Toggle the auto-purchase feature. When a new pool is detected, it will buy instantly.

  • Whitelist Only - Set the sniper only to target specific token mint addresses. if disabled, it will trade on all pools.

  • Trade Amount - The amount to buy on each snipe.

  • Tokens To Snipe -

  • Start/Stop Token Sniper - Toggle the status of the sniper. You will still receive pool notifications without the sniper running (Configured in Notifications)

  • Purchase Amount - Amount used to snipe new token pools.

  • Auto Purchase - Status of auto-purchase of tokens upon pool launch.

  • Whitelist Only - Status of whitelist mode. When disabled, the sniper will try and buy any tokens launched.

  • Tokens to Watch - Amount of token mints in the whitelist.

  • Whitelist - Sniper will only buy from pools with the provided token mint addresses.

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